Understandably, a lot of people start out planning their own crowdfunding campaign by focusing on… their own crowdfunding campaign. If you’re thinking of launching a campaign, you might take a quick look over other live projects just to get an idea of what’s out there, but should you be actively backing other projects? Absolutely yes. Here’s why.

  1. Learn how to help your backers
    If you’ve never supported a crowdfunding campaign, it’s time to jump in. Go through the same process your backers will. How/when do I choose which reward I want? Do I need to create an account? Is it clear when my card will be charged? Once your campaign is live, you’ll need to provide plenty of practical support to your backers; if you already know where their points of confusion might be, or how to create an account on your chosen platform, you’ll be able to be much more help.

  2. Join an emotional journey
    A great crowdfunding campaign makes backers feel special, like they’re part of a wider community, contributing to something bigger. Back another campaign to get a sense of how they’re working to make you feel special – do you feel like you’re part of the team? Are their updates honest and informative? What are they getting right?

  3. Be part of the wider ecosystem
    Right now, when so many businesses and organisations are facing huge uncertainty, it benefits all of us to make sure there’s a thriving scene on the other side of all this. You may want to lead the field in what you do, but you need there to be a field. Support other projects operating in a similar area, even just with a pound or two, because working together is crucial.

  4. You scratch my back…
    Alright, this one’s a bit more self-interested, but it’s true – if you’re out there supporting other projects, the creators behind them may take more notice of yours and be happy to support you in turn when you go live. There’s a reason I didn’t list this one first; this is never a guarantee, but it’s worth a shot!

  5. Find out how not to do it
    You might back a campaign only to find that you feel dissatisfied with the process – maybe their updates aren’t informative, maybe you don’t feel part of a team, maybe your rewards are later than promised, or not what you expected. This is great – because it’s showing you how you can handle things differently. You can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong with your project, but you can plan how to manage and communicate delays or changes.

Ready to get moving? Take a look at some of the live campaigns on Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, or Indiegogo. What catches your eye? Who’s doing something you love?

PS – want to make sure you’re getting your campaign started right? Let’s talk about how I can help – don’t miss your crucial pre-launch planning.