Once your crowdfunding campaign is live, you need to be sending out messages about it daily – if not more often. But if you’re putting together social media ideas for crowdfunding campaigns, it can be hard to know where to begin.

You may already be wondering what on earth to say, and you’re right to think about it ahead of time. Part of your pre-launch planning should include social media ideas that you can draw on once the campaign is live.

Still not sure where to start? Here are twenty ideas to get you going, whether you prefer creating text, image, or video.

And of course, every single communication you send out while your campaign is live should link directly to your campaign. Don’t make your prospective backers work too hard to help you out!

‘Rewards’ ideas

  • ‘New reward just added!’ – keep a few rewards back so you can launch them mid-campaign.
  • ‘Last few remaining’ – when you see your limited-number rewards getting low, let people know so they don’t miss out.
  • ‘Personalised version available’ – can your backers choose a colour or a design? Can they get their name engraved, or their book signed and dedicated?
  • ‘Have you spotted our hidden gems?’ – if you have a couple of rewards that haven’t had the interest you’d expected, highlight them.
  • ‘Don’t miss the Early Bird option’ – maybe you’re offering a significant discount to the first 50 backers, or backers in the first two days. Make sure you tell everyone!
  • ‘Here’s something very special’ – your high-value rewards may be an excellent source of funds, but you should also think of them as major attention-grabbers. Are you offering a one-to-one with a famous name? A private VIP event? A piece of money-can’t-buy memorabilia? Tell the story.

‘How it works’ ideas

Your audiences will come to you for help when they can’t figure out how to log back in to their account or how to change their pledge. Make that support public.

  • ‘You’ll be charged when…’ – different platforms charge backers’ cards at different times. Find out whether it’s at the moment of backing, or when your campaign is successful.
  • ‘You can change your pledge by…’ – again, different platforms handle this in different ways. Find out if and how your backers can change or add to their pledge.
  • ‘How crowdfunding works’ – just because you’ve been immersed in this for a while, don’t forget this may be totally new to some of your backers. Walk them through it.

‘Stats and data’ ideas

  • ‘We’re just £27 away from £1000!’ – it may not be a formal goal, but everyone loves a nice round number.
  • ‘If everyone referred one friend…’ – do the maths for your supporters. If everyone brought in one new backer at £5, would you hit your target?
  • ‘Wow – after 48 hours we’re at…’ – share your progress and your milestones.

‘Our project’ ideas

These posts are where you can get into the real detail about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Remember, you’re making the case for the impact of your project – it doesn’t have to be world-changing, but it has to make a difference to somebody.

  • ‘What we’re doing’ – what will this funding campaign make possible?
  • ‘Why we’re doing it’ – what difference will it make, and to whom? Why does it matter to us?
  • ‘Why we’ve chosen crowdfunding’ – are other sources of funding unavailable, or exhausted? Does crowdfunding give you more freedom to create, or a better connection with your audiences?
  • ‘Who we are’ – who’s the team behind the campaign? Are you particularly well-placed to be doing this? Do you have knowledge or experience that others don’t?
  • ‘What will happen next’ – talk through the details of your project timeline, bring people on the journey with you.

‘Support’ ideas

Help your prospective backers feel part of a wider community who all see the value in this project. Share the support you’ve received.

  • ‘We’ve had 97 backers so far!’ – share some publicly-appropriate data about your backers.
  • ‘One backer commented…’ – if your supporters leave positive comments on your campaign or on your social media, share them.
  • ‘Taylor Swift recently told us…’ – if you’re fortunate enough to have big-name endorsements (they don’t have to be as big as Taylor Swift!) or influential supporters, put them out there.

There are, of course, plenty of other things you can talk about in a busy campaign – and the most powerful social media ideas for crowdfunding campaigns are always about the project itself, how you’re going to make it happen, and the impact you want it to have.

Hopefully these ideas should give you a starting point, and help you realise how much you have to say! And if you’re still wondering about how to structure your campaign planning, I’d be happy to work with you on a personalised strategy.