Last week saw the release of the IPCC’s latest report, confirming that climate change is ‘widespread, rapid, and intensifying’. And humans have already made some irreversible changes – ‘some of the changes already set in motion—such as continued sea level rise—are irreversible over hundreds to thousands of years’. With over 200 authors and over 500 contributing authors, and with a total of 78,007 expert and government review comments, this report has been a long time in the making and its conclusions are unmistakeable: we have to act now.

It’s all hands on deck. Last week’s report has galvanised a lot of people to make climate emergency their priority, and next week we’ll be seeing Extinction Rebellion hitting the headlines for their direct action campaigns. So alongside lobbying decision-makers to prioritise action on climate change, and making personal and lifestyle changes, I wondered whether there was any way I could put my professional skills to work.

That’s why I’m now offering one strategy package (usually priced at £400) for free, each month, to one climate emergency crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re planning a crowdfunding campaign that combats climate change in some way, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you. Find out the full details of what’s on offer and how to apply.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get your campaign started.