With over a decade’s experience in marketing, I can help you define exactly why your project matters, and get it in front of people who agree.

Too many crowdfunding campaigns for great projects are let down by creators who hope that simply putting their idea online will be enough to bring in supporters. If you know there’s more to it than that, but aren’t sure where to start or whether you have the time or capacity to do it yourself, I can help.

Whether you just need some guidelines to make sure you’re avoiding common pitfalls, an extra pair of hands to cover social media during the campaign, or whether you need full professional advice on how to develop your campaign from the outset, we can work together to make sure you have the support you need to sail past your funding target.

What I do

I provide crowdfunding campaign advice, strategy, implementation and reward fulfilment – everything from an hour’s introduction on how crowdfunding works, to a full beginning-to-end campaign operation. I can work with you to make sure you’re reaching the people who’ll be so excited about your project that they’ll want to spread the word themselves.

Get in touch: hello@jobreeze.co.uk

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Or get straight to the point and book a free 30 minute discovery call.

Wait, do you really have 100% success?

So far, yes! For projects I’ve directly worked on or managed through the campaign, every single one has exceeded its target. Keeping that 100% success rate means that for the last few years I’ve been very motivated to choose campaigns with a great chance of success, and to advise creators honestly about how realistic their campaign and funding target are.

For campaigns and creators that have gone the DIY route, and used my strategy document to guide their own implementation, I don’t have any control over whether they put my recommendations into practice. So, I don’t count those types of campaigns in my success rate (though most exceeded their targets), but get in touch if you’d like to talk about a couple of campaigns that didn’t quite make it and what I wish they’d done differently.

What I don’t do

  • I can’t help with graphic design or videography – but I can certainly refer you to a few brilliant creatives.
  • I don’t work on ‘personal funding’ projects (to cover medical bills, education costs, living expenses etc). I advise everyone I work with to be open and transparent about their budget, and if people are donating to help someone out, they – quite rightly – want to see their money go where it’s most needed, not on paying for a consultant.
  • I don’t offer ready-made bulk audiences – I work with you to find your own carefully targeted audiences who are interested in what you’re doing, but if you want a crowdfunding agency who’ll promise to put your project ‘in front of millions of our fans’ then there are other companies you can talk to.