Stretch goals: how do they work?

woman climbing and stretch upwards on grey climbing wall

Stretch goals are the next step up after you've hit your crowdfunding target, & they can unlock something new. So how can you best use them?

Supporting climate emergency crowdfunding

Photo of a climate emergency protest; hand holding up a sign reading 'There is no Planet B'

Last week saw the release of the IPCC's latest report, confirming that climate change is 'widespread, rapid, and intensifying'. And humans have already made some irreversible changes - 'some of the changes already set in motion—such as continued sea level rise—are irreversible over hundreds to thousands of years'. With over 200 authors and over 500…

Flexible funding vs all-or-nothing

notebook internet mathematics connection

There are two main models of consumer crowdfunding - flexible funding (keep whatever you make) and fixed funding or all-or-nothing (keep everything if you hit your target - but get nothing if you don't). Both models have advantages, but lots of people new to crowdfunding think flexible funding is less risky. I strongly advise most…

All The Business Bits podcast

Huge thanks to Ingrid Fernandez at All The Business Bits podcast, with whom I chatted about all things crowdfunding - why your audiences are so crucial, what creators get out of running a crowdfunding campaign (other than money!), and why it's really about community and connection. Listen/download All The Business Bits at the podcast…