The impact of coronavirus is still wildly unclear, but what’s starting to become obvious is that it’s having a serious effect on in-person gatherings – the hospitality industry, the events industry, the entertainment industry, everyone is reporting significant drops.

Many self-employed performers rely on regular gig and ticket sales for their income, and most don’t have savings to fall back on in the event of a quiet month. When something like this hits, the impact on the musicians you love may be long-lasting.

So I’m going to try and bring together links to live crowdfunding campaigns that are a way to support performers at a distance. If you’re a musician or performer who’d like to be included here, and/or would like to say something about the impact of venue closures and gig cancellations on your work, please get in touch ( These aren’t campaigns I’ve worked on; they’re just what I’m aware of in my own musical networks.

Limited-time funding campaigns

Spell Songs Youth Project – Crowdfunder UK

“The Spell Songs Team are taking the proven inspirational qualities of The Lost Words: A Spell Book and The Lost Words: Spell Songs and reaching out to a diverse group of young people from an inner-city environment, offering them the opportunity to be immersed in the nature, music, art and poetry of both the original Lost Words book and subsequent Spell Songs album.”

Refuge: Tobias ben Jacob – Indiegogo

“In collaboration with producer/multi-instrumentalist John Elliott (of The Little Unsaid) I’m embarking on the making of an ambitious new album of songs inspired by the stories of people at the heart of the global refugee crisis.”

Ongoing/repeat funding projects

Folk On Foot podcast – Patreon

“Matthew Bannister, host of the all walking, talking, singing podcast “Folk on Foot”. In each episode a top folk artist takes me for a walk in the landscape that has inspired their music. We have fascinating conversations and they perform on location.”

#FolkloreThursday – Patreon

“The #FolkloreThursday hashtag day runs weekly, each Thursday, on Twitter and is moderated from the @FolkloreThurs account between 9am and 8pm UK time. The website ( is updated weekly with a range of fabulous articles about selected folklore topics and the best folklore events and happenings in the global folklore community.”

The Old Songs podcast – Mixcloud (support via joining Mixcloud Select)

“The Old Songs Podcast explores the stories behind traditional songs – where they came from, who sang them, how they’ve changed and where they’re going.”

Kathryn Williams – Patreon

“I’ve been writing songs and making records since 1998. My fans have always kept me going by coming to gigs and showing their support and love in many ways. I’m hoping through Patreon I can carry on creating with your support and offer a new way to be closer to you all with videos, songs and original art as well as VIP access to live events.”

Polly Paulusma – Patreon

“I am a working musician and life-long student of the porous boundaries between song and literature. I am currently releasing a fourth album, tentatively entitled ‘The Pivot on which Everything Turns’, to subscribers, across two years, a song a month. I am also working on a collaborative musico-literary project with Kathryn Williams and Kirsty Logan, while completing my PhD on the folk-singing of Angela Carter.”

Professor Elemental – Patreon

“I have launched an emergency whimsy service for any Patreon people who are locked down or self isolated. Mail me and I will send you things to keep you distracted for a bit.”

One-off payment/donation options

Sam Sweeney – streaming tip jar (via Paypal donate button)

“For those who stream my music but want more than 0.004p per track to go to the artist… join the conversation on my FaceBook page!”

For creators

If you’re a creator and your need is more urgent, I’m also going to start pulling together sources of support.

Creatorfund from ConvertKit

Funds of up to $500 per creator available from a total of $50,000.

“We are providing financial assistance to active creators who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. If you have medical, childcare, housing, or grocery needs, please apply for assistance. We’ll ask for a receipt or invoice before sending the funds via Paypal.”