Planning a crowdfunding campaign can feel overwhelming at first – there’s so much information out there, but how do you decide where to begin? How do you choose a platform, what kinds of campaign can you run, how do you make sure the right people see it?

I’ve put together a downloadable pdf workbook, based on my experience with a wide variety of projects and people. It covers the basics of crowdfunding on various platforms, and works through key questions I ask clients before they even start planning their launch.

DIY Crowdfunding Workbook: get your project ready to shine.

“It all felt really overwhelming and I needed a complete crowdfunding overview. I have a much better picture of options and processes now; I definitely got what I needed.”

What will you learn?

  • How to make sure you’re in the best possible position for launch
  • Why pre-launch planning is so crucial
  • How to start predicting your campaign’s chance of success
  • What drives a successful campaign (hint: it’s not the money spent on it)

“My biggest concern was figuring out the type of campaign to run, the tone of the campaign, and the budget. The most important thing I learned was that just running a campaign isn’t enough without a solid goal and plan in place. I’m now planning to approach everything differently! I am going back to the start to plan goals and objectives based on my immediate vs later needs.”

You’ll get the most out of this workbook if you are:

  • Planning rewards-based crowdfunding (rather than equity funding)
  • Planning a project campaign (raising funds to make a wider project happen, rather than selling or pre-selling a product)
  • UK-based

Not sure if this is right for you?

Drop me a line and I’d be happy to help. As a rough rule, it may not work so well for you if:

  • You’re planning equity crowdfunding
  • You’re not feeling confident about digital marketing and need a bit more direct support
  • You’re planning to raise a significant amount of money and/or need help with actually running the campaign too

And if you’d like more customised help, get in touch – I can develop a full strategy document tailored precisely to the needs of your project.

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