Your campaign is a journey – and there’s no need to travel alone.

Every crowdfunding campaign is different, just like the teams behind them. Whether you’re working solo from the kitchen table, or bringing your whole organisation together around one big push, I can help you reach the audiences who’ll want to see you succeed.

Here’s some more about how I can help you. Don’t see exactly what you need here? I can also provide ad hoc support and customised quotes – just ask.

Crowdfunding support packages

Creative Crowdfunding Handbook

A personalised manual taking you through your entire crowdfunding campaign strategy: guidance on platform choice, target and stretch targets, campaign style, rewards options, and audiences, followed by week-by-week checklists and practical actions to make – from pre-launch through to delivering your rewards. It’s custom-written, so length and content vary by project, but it’s usually over twenty pages meaning we can really get into the details of your campaign.

Alongside that, you’ll also receive an editable rewards spreadsheet, helping you budget and forecast how your rewards map to your intended target. I’ll also send a couple of blank templates for contacts lists and project management, to help you keep on top of what you’re doing.

“As a non-synchronised & part-time team, we needed to find a way to be consistent and make an impact with the campaign, without overloading anyone and while also not wasting the fundraising opportunity. Your documents and guidance were invaluable, the templates really helped visualise what was in the main a lot of anxious overthinking on my part, and your overview of the structure of each week of the campaign was just – well, amazing.” – Matilda Jones, Citizens of the World Choir

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From £400

PS – planning a campaign to tackle climate change? I may be able to help you for free – find out more about what’s on offer and how to apply.

Weekly check-ins

If you want to make sure you’re not getting too far off-course during your live campaign – or just want someone to bounce ideas off and keep you excited – then a weekly-check-in call will help you keep the momentum going. I can guide you through the tricky questions that come up once your campaign is live (how do we reach those extra audiences? When do we mention stretch goals?) and help you work out how to make the most of the opportunities.

“It was just so good to have someone with experience and that I trusted immediately to ask questions, run my ideas past and help me to refine them.” – Sophie Cross, Freelancer Magazine

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From £200

Pre-Flight Checks

If your campaign is pretty much ready to launch but you’d like to make sure you haven’t missed anything, I’ll check it over. I can make sure you’re showing off your project at its best, and provide clear and practical recommendations for final changes before you go live to the world.

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From £100

DIY Crowdfunding Workbook

Prefer to go it alone? If you’re planning a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign for a creative project, this downloadable pdf guide asks you many of the questions I ask my clients and helps you figure out the basics of your crowdfunding campaign strategy.

““Everything felt really overwhelming and I needed a complete crowdfunding overview. I have a much better picture of options and processes now; I definitely got what I needed.”

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“I don’t think I would have succeeded without Jo’s guidance… Jo helped me to plan the campaign carefully in advance, scheduling everything carefully to maximise its impact… Investing in professional guidance was the best decision I made – the campaign success far exceeded my expectations.”

Stef Conner, Riddle Songs

“The budget spreadsheet Jo provided really was eye opening – to be able to play around with it, work out shipping and fees and not get stung.”

Zoe Lacey, Pretty Post