How can we work together? I can take the lead on your project from beginning to end, or I can fill in the gaps and work flexibly around you and your existing team – it depends what you need. Here are a couple of packages I offer, followed by a few examples of how I work in practice with different types of clients.

Pre-flight checks

You have: a crowdfunding project that’s pretty much ready to go, but you’d like to be sure you haven’t missed anything.

I will: spend an hour or two checking it over, making sure you’re showing off your project at its best, and making recommendations for final changes before you go live to the world.

Custom strategy

You have: a brilliant idea but you aren’t sure where to start.

I will: work closely with you (and your team, if you have one) to create a personalised strategy document, with guidance on platform choice, campaign content, rewards options and more. It’s full of checklists and practical actions to take, letting you confidently manage and run your campaign yourself, plus a tool to help you budget and forecast.

Weekly check-in

You have: a live crowdfunding campaign

I will: speak to you every week to guide you through the tricky questions that come up once your campaign is live (how do we reach those extra audiences? When do we mention stretch goals?) and help you work out how to make the most of the opportunities.

“I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it alone, so without Jo I wouldn’t have raised the money and got all the brilliant contacts, press and radio features!”

Rachel Mason, Lyrical Light

“The budget spreadsheet Jo provided really was eye opening – to be able to play around with it, work out shipping and fees and not get stung.”

Zoe Lacey, Pretty Post

Example projects

These aren’t fixed packages – these are just to give you an idea of what various types of project could look like. Yours won’t fit these exactly, and that’s absolutely fine!

Solo artist

is raising funds for an exhibition; they don’t have a huge budget available but want to make sure they’re avoiding common pitfalls. Based on my custom strategy document, Solo Artist can do everything themselves by simply working through the checklists. They build, launch and manage the campaign.

Their spend: £400

Creative Collective

are recording an album. They have some expertise on the team already. We work collectively from my strategy document – they’re happy with their usual marketing but need someone to create the campaign and rewards, and to contact key people during pre-launch. I work 2-3 hours a week on an hourly-rate basis taking on tasks as needed, and send regular reminders to keep the team on track.

Their spend: ~£2k

Established Institution

is funding a significant business shift – although they have volunteers available, they’re keen to hand over as much of the campaign as possible. We use my strategy document largely as a guide for my priorities, and I work on this daily for the whole campaign. I work closely with in-house teams especially when access is needed to contacts lists and membership details.

Their spend: ~£7k

What I do

A few examples – if you don’t see what you need help with, try me!

  • Pre-campaign contacts database building
  • Rewards development and forecasting
  • Campaign creation: copywriting, account and platform setup
  • Campaign administration and handling incoming enquiries
  • Campaign promotion and finding new audiences
  • Post-campaign administration

What I don’t do

  • I can’t help with graphic design or videography – but I can certainly refer you to a few brilliant creatives.
  • I don’t work on ‘personal funding’ projects (to cover medical bills, education costs, living expenses etc). I advise everyone I work with to be open and transparent about their budget, and if people are donating to help someone out, they – quite rightly – want to see their money go where it’s most needed, not on paying for a consultant.
  • I don’t offer ready-made bulk audiences – I work with you to find carefully targeted audiences who are interested in what you’re doing, but if you want a crowdfunding agency who’ll promise to put your project ‘in front of millions of our fans’ then there are other companies you can talk to.