One of the first questions most clients ask is about how we can work together. The answer is, I can take the lead on your project from beginning to end, or I can fill in the gaps and work flexibly around you and your existing team – it depends what you need. Here are three example projects:

Solo Artist is raising funds for an exhibition; they don’t have a huge budget available but want to make sure they’re avoiding common pitfalls. After we talk through their work so far and go through a few more details, I write them a custom strategy document for a one-off flat fee. This is a practical guide from pre-launch to campaign fulfilment, featuring tips and recommendations as well as essential steps, allowing Solo Artist to do everything themselves by simply working through the checklists. They build, launch and manage the campaign themselves.

Creative Collective are recording an album. They’re able to put some more budget into this project up front, and they have some expertise on the team already. I provide a custom strategy document for a one-off flat fee which we work collectively from – they already have someone who runs their social media and PR, but they need someone to create the campaign page and rewards, and also need help to contact key people during their pre-launch phase. I work on an hourly-rate basis taking on agreed projects and tasks as needed, and send regular reminders to keep the team on track.

Institution is funding a significant business shift – although they have volunteers able to put some work into action, they’re keen to hand over as much of the campaign as possible to free up their time for their day to day work. We use the strategy document I create largely as a guide for my time and priorities, and I’m available and working on this a few hours a day at hourly rates for the duration of the campaign. I work closely with their in-house teams especially when access is needed to contacts lists and membership details.

What I do

A few examples – if you don’t see what you need help with, try me!

  • Pre-campaign contacts database building
  • Rewards development and forecasting
  • Campaign creation: copywriting, account and platform setup
  • Campaign administration and handling incoming enquiries
  • Campaign promotion and finding new audiences
  • Post-campaign administration

What I don’t do

  • I can’t help with graphic design or videography – but I can certainly refer you to a few brilliant creatives.
  • I don’t work on ‘personal funding’ projects (to cover medical bills, education costs, living expenses etc). I advise everyone I work with to be open and transparent about their budget, and if people are donating to help someone out, they – quite rightly – want to see their money go where it’s most needed, not on paying for a consultant.
  • I don’t offer ready-made bulk audiences – I work with you to find carefully targeted audiences who are interested in what you’re doing, but if you want a crowdfunding agency who’ll promise to put your project ‘in front of millions of our fans’ then there are other companies you can talk to.