Crowdfunding creative work

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, Patreon, Ko-Fi, Unbound… not sure where to start?

You may only get one shot at a successful crowdfunding campaign. I can help you make it count. Whether you need advice on how to get up and running, or full support to develop and manage your campaign, we can plan a package that works for you.

I’ve helped creators raise hundreds of thousands of pounds since 2013 to support film-making, music, festivals, writing, arts projects, even political activism. Let’s talk about how I can help – drop me a line on (or find me on Twitter as @artscrowdfundng).

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Maya Youssef

Jo is absolutely incredible. If you are considering doing any form of crowdfunding, you need Jo by your side. period! She is not only incredibly lovely to work with, but also has a way of breaking mammoth-size tasks into small manageable steps that anyone can follow. Thanks to Jo’s help I have not only reached my goal but exceeded it by 34%! I am so grateful to Jo and simply can’t recommend her enough.

Maya Youssef

Finding Home

I got 150% return on my investment; you’re lovely and very good at what you do. Most of our backers were not friends nor family of mine and I am sure that without your help I would’ve never reached any of them, so to put it simply the campaign would’ve failed without you. I would’ve never thought about approaching LatAm businesses if you hadn’t suggested it and even if you had I’d been too scared to approach them without you almost literally holding my hand through it. Connecting with them was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Thank you.

Ana Torre

The Box

It was just so good to have someone with experience and that I trusted immediately to ask questions, run my ideas past and help me to refine them. On our call every week I took at least one big thing away. Things like how to approach the stretch goal. And it gave me the impetus to just keep going. As well as keeping me sane, your support 100% helped optimise the campaign, and the decisions you helped me make meant we had more backers and ££. Having it overfunded by 50% hopefully validates the product/market fit and gives us some money to over print and really get the business off to a flying start.

Sophie Cross

Freelancer Magazine

I was happy with the project story and materials I’d created but feared we wouldn’t get it in front of enough pairs of eyes! An experienced consultant to help strategise and then create effective assets is very valuable. In my case celebrity/influencer endorsement didn’t translate to many backers; with a niche product like mine you need to communicate on a deeper level with the ‘true fans’. It’s not a volume game. The most useful thing I learned was the frequency and variety of ways one needs to talk about the campaign in the different stages – and the most significant outcome was simply that it got over the line and we were able to manufacture our run of DVDs.  It was a straightforward goal and we succeeded!

Andy Dunn, filmmaker

Last Stop Coney Island

Your campaign strategy and guidance made me feel so secure, your documents were so user-oriented and clear, the pace (while hectic) was clearly laid out and enabled me to run a team to whom both I and the workload was new: you made it feel for all of us like the mountain was a manageable one to climb. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. As a non-synchronised & part-time team, we needed to find a way to be consistent and make an impact with the campaign, without overloading anyone and while also not wasting the fundraising opportunity. Your documents and guidance were invaluable, the templates really helped visualise what was in the main a lot of anxious overthinking on my part, and your overview of the structure of each week of the campaign was just – well, amazing.

Matilda James, Citizens of the World Choir

Citizens of the World Choir

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