Crowdfunding creative work

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, Patreon, Ko-Fi, Unbound… not sure where to start?

You may only get one shot at a successful crowdfunding campaign. I can help you make it count. Whether you need advice on how to get up and running, or full support to develop and manage your campaign, we can plan a package that works for you.

I’ve helped creators raise hundreds of thousands of pounds since 2013 to support film-making, music, festivals, writing, arts projects, even political activism. Let’s talk about how I can help – drop me a line on (or find me on Twitter as @artscrowdfundng).

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Jo was unfazed by our total lack of experience and very short lead time. She steered us expertly through the Kickstarter process, and was reassuringly unflappable throughout. We really appreciated her efficiency, her encyclopaedic knowledge of crowdfunding and her fair and transparent fee structure.

Lucy Greeves, Turned Red Earth

Lucy Greeves

Without Jo I wouldn’t have got my Patreon off the ground, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to gather a group of interested Patreons so quickly! Jo has been fantastic – helping me hone messaging, writing copy, working out how best to encourage people to support my project. And behind the scenes she’s been taking some of the load with admin and research that is going to help me build traffic and promote my work. She’s fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend working with her.

Girl on the Net: Creating audio erotica

Girl On The Net

From our point of view, there’s no point creating something without someone to create it for. Our Kickstarter campaign has not only allowed us to finance our next project but enabled us to create stronger, and more personal relationships with our audience. We couldn’t… and wouldn’t have tried… to do this without Jo’s help. Her ability to explain the often complex process of crowdfunding (well it bewildered us anyway!) in a straightforward manner was vital, her knowledge of the process and timings involved over four intense weeks was central to its success, and we had the constant feeling she was looking over our shoulders ready with advice, encouragement and a friendly push when needed. It’s been a great pleasure working with her and we’d recommend her to anyone thinking about their own crowdfunding campaign.

Tim Whelan, Transglobal Underground

Transglobal Underground

The most significant outcome of our campaign was probably the new contacts we cultivated. We wouldn’t have made it without Jo’s help; to begin with we weren’t sure about the schedule, the tone, or how to ask people for money without begging, but she provided clear, concise information that helped us time it and pitch it right.

Helen Turner, E-Werk Luckenwalde

E-WERK Luckenwalde

Working with Jo was key to the success of our campaign. From the very beginning she was on hand for any question, supporting us using the Kickstarter software platform, guiding our choice of rewards, and helping us select the frequency of updates for our target audience. Every suggestion she made was presented in a clear and informative way and she was flexible in her approach, happily adapting to the rare occasion we wanted to go in a slightly different direction. She made sure we understood why the choices we were making were best for our campaign, and approached everything we did with genuine enthusiasm.

Amanda Leon-Joyce, Irreverent Dance: Europe’s first gender-neutral community dance studio

Amanda Leon-Joyce

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