Transglobal Underground: 152% funded

Funded £7,648 Pioneering dance musicians Transglobal Underground specialise in a fusion of western, Asian and African music styles, with a… Read more Transglobal Underground: 152% funded

Dr Strangedub: 115% funded

Funded £6,912 After four years away, Dub Colossus returned with a brand new album, and decided to go the crowdfunding… Read more Dr Strangedub: 115% funded

Turned Red Earth: 127% funded

  Funded £6,350 A combination of found poetry from the letters and diaries of WW1 soldiers with luminous contemporary photography… Read more Turned Red Earth: 127% funded

1000 Songs: 103% funded

Funded £3,106 I worked with the 1000 Songs team to run a crowdfunding campaign alongside more traditional sources of arts… Read more 1000 Songs: 103% funded

Save fRoots Magazine: 202% funded

    Funded £40,650 I worked with the team at fRoots to create and run a huge campaign to fund… Read more Save fRoots Magazine: 202% funded

Almost Always Muddy: 104% funded

Funded £13,028 I supported Almost Always Muddy to raise funds for building a portable venue for an immersive, improvised family… Read more Almost Always Muddy: 104% funded

The Ballad of Shirley Collins: 124% funded

Funded £31,095 I worked with Burning Bridges/Fifth Column Films to get production off the ground for this unique documentary.  Widely regarded… Read more The Ballad of Shirley Collins: 124% funded

Irreverent Dance: 121% funded

Funded £36,388 I worked with a small team of volunteers at Irreverent Dance raising funds to create Europe’s first gender-neutral community dance… Read more Irreverent Dance: 121% funded

Girl on the Net: Patreon

I worked with Girl on the Net to help plan and build her Patreon campaign, supporting her to create audio… Read more Girl on the Net: Patreon

Pandora/Blake: Patreon

I worked with Blake creating a Pandora/Blake Patreon campaign to fund their activism, writing, and political campaigning – all areas… Read more Pandora/Blake: Patreon