Funded: £104,806

Like many live events in 2020, the long-running Sidmouth Folk Festival was facing a serious threat to its future – their non-stop 65 years finally brought to an end by coronavirus restrictions.

A testament to the place the festival holds in so many hearts, they hit their initial funding target of £30,000 in just four hours after launching! In the following days and weeks they sailed past stretch targets – £70k, £90k – and finally closed the crowdfunding campaign at over £100,000.

“It costs us a lot of money – over £700,000 – to stage this iconic 8-day long festival with 750 events, unrivalled in variety, range and participation; the streets and many venues in this stunning seaside town location spilling over with festive atmosphere and fun.”

When, unavoidably, Sidmouth Folk Festival had to cancel this year, they had already launched 2020 and spent 20% of their cost budget on marketing, the artistic and production planning, deposits and ticket overheads.

They needed the help of their community to ensure the future of the festival in 2021 and beyond, and to continue offering support to brilliant musicians, singers, dancers, performers, educators, speakers, not to mention the many exceptional local businesses and residents who work closely with the Festival and its audiences.