Funded: £2,000

Campaign: Postnatal Depression Songwriting Workshop

Rachel Mason, mother of two, and a survivor of postnatal depression, is the founder of Lyrical Light. She’s also a multi-award-winning songwriter, vocal teacher, tv music judge and mental health ambassador.

Lyrical Light is the only workshop of its kind in the world – it brings together people struggling with postnatal depression for a songwriting workshop, allowing them to work through their feelings in supportive and creative company. Many of the maternal mental health charities Rachel needed to work with had limited budgets – so her crowdfunding campaign was aimed at heavily subsidising the workshops in order to reach more new parents.

I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it alone, so without Jo I wouldn’t have raised the money and got all the brilliant contacts, press and radio features! I was worried about how to plan it and how to reach the right people, but after raising the money I needed there are also so many people who now know about Lyrical Light, and have got in touch offering help and support for the workshops. I’d definitely recommend Jo to others – she is uniquely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive.

Rachel Mason

Since funding:

Lyrical Light ran four funded workshops for charities including Mothers For Mothers and Shine Swindon, and now runs lyrics-only or music and lyrics workshops. Charities including PANDAS Foundation, Tommy’s, and Mothers To Mothers, and companies including PND And Me, have highly commended Lyrical Light for the caring and supportive way the workshops are run and the beautiful and unique final product which has given hope to so many sufferers of postnatal depression.