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Campaign: Transglobal Underground: a brand new album for 2019

Pioneering dance musicians Transglobal Underground specialise in a fusion of western, Asian and African music styles, with a revolving cast of artists including Natacha Atlas, Count Dubulah, Johnny Kalsi, Sheema Mukherjee and more. In 2019 they decided the time was right for a brand new album – FT music writer David Honigmann called it ‘the best “we’re putting the band back together” news I’ve heard in ages’.

From our point of view, there’s no point creating something without someone to create it for. Our Kickstarter campaign has not only allowed us to finance our next project but enabled us to create stronger, and more personal relationships with our audience. We couldn’t… and wouldn’t have tried… to do this without Jo’s help. Her ability to explain the often complex process of crowdfunding (well it bewildered us anyway!) in a straightforward manner was vital, her knowledge of the process and timings involved over four intense weeks was central to its success, and we had the constant feeling she was looking over our shoulders ready with advice, encouragement and a friendly push when needed. It’s been a great pleasure working with her and we’d recommend her to anyone thinking about their own crowdfunding campaign.

Tim Whelan

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The band have a London concert planned in May 2019, and expect to be getting the full album out in 2020.