Funded: £17,656

Campaign: Freelancer Magazine

Freelancer Magazine is an independent print magazine for a freelance life less ordinary, delivered directly to your door. Sophie Cross, the founder and editor of Freelancer Magazine, has been a freelance marketer and writer for eight years. Freelance graphic designer, Angela Lyons, specialises in designing magazines. The two have teamed up on ten magazines before, and are launching Freelancer Magazine aiming to be “inspirational without being unrealistically aspirational”.

With an initial goal of £12,750 which they hit just two weeks in to the campaign, they planned to fund the design and print run for the first four issues of the magazine. With some high profile support, including a shout-out from Lauren Laverne, Sophie built an enthusiastic community around the magazine from the start.

It was just so good to have someone with experience and that I trusted immediately to ask questions, run my ideas past and help me to refine them. On our call every week I took at least one big thing away. Things like how to approach the stretch goal. And it gave me the impetus to just keep going. As well as keeping me sane, your support 100% helped optimise the campaign, and the decisions you helped me make meant we had more backers and ££. Having it overfunded by 50% hopefully validates the product/market fit and gives us some money to over print and really get the business off to a flying start.

Sophie Cross

Since funding:

The first issue of Freelancer Magazine has already hit doormats – and shelves – across the UK and beyond.