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  • Skin in the Game

Campaign: Skin in the Game

Slackline Productions are creating a near-apocalyptic near-future climate chaos play, on stage at New Wimbledon Theatre in November 2021. Are you terrified of the climate crisis – or taking it all a bit less seriously? Are you ready to cope with a little dark humour?

‘Skin in the Game’ wonders what would happen if the response to the real climate apocalypse wasn’t action, nor indifference… but “bread & circuses” light entertainment.

With a campaign focus on supporting grassroots and fringe theatre, and the importance of raising up voices that need to be heard, Slackline Productions chose a crowdfunding campaign in part to ensure that they could pay cast and crew fairly. “If the only people working in theatre are those who can afford to do it for free, we’ll never hear the full range of voices we need for theatre to thrive.”

The busy and driven team at Slackline ran their crowdfunding campaign alongside rehearsing and planning the production. I provided initial strategic guidance with a little ongoing support, as part of my free offer for climate emergency crowdfunding projects.

Since funding:

At the time of writing, Slackline Productions have recently competed their successful November run.

Riverside Radio interview: Artistic Director Kristen Duffy discusses big issues like how Skin in the Game is tackling the environmental crisis with laughter and how Slackline Productions is helping to tell women’s stories.

**** “Purposeful, important, compelling, and a wacky, humorous take on a seriously worrying topic” – Theatre And Other Things London
“Extremely entertaining to watch” – West End Best Friend
“The timing could not be better for this new play to bring its message of environmentalism, social breakdown and state collapse to the world” – The Reviews Hub
**** “All of the cast gave a stand out performance … Skin in the Game is a strange, dark play, a thought-provoking show of a not-so-distant dystopian future, that is philosophical and ideological which makes us look at ourselves and our surroundings of today.” – Fairy Powered Productions