Free crowdfunding support

Does this sound like you?

You want to fund a project addressing the climate emergency

You have a clear actionable plan – if you can raise the money

Your group or organisation has a voice and an audience

The climate emergency is real, and it isn’t going to get better unless we – as a species – take action. If you’re trying to fund a project to address the climate emergency, and you’d like strategic support for your crowdfunding campaign, I can now offer one free Creative Crowdfunding Handbook package per month.

Crowdfunding in climate emergency

I’m deliberately leaving the definition of ‘addressing the climate emergency’ broad, because I want to hear about what you’re doing. It might be huge and ambitious, it might be local and targeted. You might be a couple of friends with a great idea, or you might be working as part of a much more formalised structure or organisation. But some ideas behind your project could include reaching Net Zero, building for climate resilience, supporting climate refugees, rewilding local areas, driving climate activism, or public climate crisis education.

What I offer

Once a month I’m offering a Creative Crowdfunding Handbook package (usually priced at £400) for free, to one climate emergency crowdfunding campaign. I’ve been supporting crowdfunding campaigns since 2013 – take a look at some of the past projects I’ve been involved with.

The Creative Crowdfunding Handbook package includes:

  • A personalised manual, full of week-by-week checklists and practical actions, guiding you through platform choice, content, campaign strategy, rewards options and more.
  • A rewards spreadsheet to help you budget and forecast how you’ll reach your target.

How to apply

I’d like to know a little more about your project. This is to help me work out where I can offer the most effective support. If you fit the criteria below, your next step is to fill in the application form.


  • Are planning a project which addresses the climate emergency
  • Have a clear and actionable plan, as long as you can raise the money you need
  • Have active, engaged audiences who you hope to mobilise in support

You can tell me as much or as little about your plans as you like – the more you’re able to share, the better, but if you’re in the early stages of planning, it may all still be speculative, and that’s okay too. I’m looking forward to reading your application.

Past supported projects

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game: 105% funded

Funded: £4,732 Campaign: Skin in the Game Slackline Productions are creating a near-apocalyptic near-future climate chaos play, on stage at New Wimbledon Theatre in November 2021. Are you terrified of the climate crisis – or taking it all a bit less seriously? Are you ready to cope with a little dark humour? ‘Skin in the…