I worked with Girl on the Net to help plan and build her Patreon campaign, supporting her to create audio versions of adult blog posts. With an enormous archive of writing around sexuality and feminism, she wanted to fund the time to increase accessibility for visually-impaired people and anyone who prefers audio recordings.

Since launching the Patreon, she’s created over 40 audio recordings, and has begun bringing in guest readers and working with backers to choose which posts to record next.

Without Jo I wouldn’t have got my Patreon off the ground, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to gather a group of interested Patreons so quickly! Jo has been fantastic – helping me hone messaging, writing copy, working out how best to encourage people to support my project. And behind the scenes she’s been taking some of the load with admin and research that is going to help me build traffic and promote my work. She’s fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend working with her.

Girl on the Net