I worked with Blake creating a Pandora/Blake Patreon campaign to fund their activism, writing, and political campaigning – all areas of work that are often underpaid if not unpaid. Their Patreon needed to unite followers and fans who have diverse interests and reasons for following, under the banner of creating a world where all of us are free to choose what we do with our bodies, our relationships, and how we make a living.

Since launching the Patreon, Blake has produced videos and documentaries about UK censorship, challenged harmful and unworkable legislation, responded to consultations, submitted evidence to Parliament, created and published masses of free public resources, and coordinated a huge campaign against the Digital Economy Act at government level – resulting in an amendment being passed to improve the law.

Jo’s great, I definitely recommend her. She worked for me for a while as a virtual PA and crowdfunding manager, I was sorry to lose her. I never felt any discomfort around discussing sex work with her, she occurred to me as a good ally and her politics seem sound. She’s also cheerful, efficient and well organised.

Pandora Blake