Funded £40,650

Campaign: Save fRoots Magazine

I worked with the team at fRoots to create and run a huge campaign to fund a change in business model for the magazine; we eventually closed at over double the initial target of £20k.

fRoots magazine has been publishing continuously for almost 40 years, bringing you the best in folk, roots and world music – ‘local music from out there’. But, like many print magazines, they’d reached crisis point. They needed to keep publishing, but the current business model of monthly magazines wasn’t working, and left the team no time to devise an alternative model.

To be honest, as complete dunces in the arcane world of modern media campaigns we had absolutely no idea what to do and what might be possible to achieve with our Kickstarter fundraiser. Jo encouraged us and led us by the hand every step of the way, ticked every box and dotted every i, and helped us to achieve success beyond our wildest expectations. 100% funded within 48 hours and over 200% by the end. I’d unhesitatingly recommend her to anybody: you’d be in the safest pair of hands.

Ian Anderson

Since funding:

With help from an advisory panel of key professionals, the magazine moved to a new publishing model and schedule for a year and a half, which was very well-received.

However, following the end of discussions with other publishers to take on the magazine, fRoots has paused their print edition as of July 2019 until further notice.