Funded £8,410

Campaign: Tallin Tallin Story Project

Amy Pitt, artist and creator of Tallin Tallin, has been visiting The Gambia since 2004, and began developing the idea of this project in 2005. After years spent collecting and documenting traditional stories from across the country, she ran a crowdfunding campaign to collect the stories into beautifully illustrated books, to be distributed across schools and libraries in The Gambia.

“In The Gambia, schools and libraries often contain many generously-donated books from Europe and America, but none of these have a solid rooting in, or understanding for, the landscape and the people of the places they are located.”

Since funding:

They have printed 1000 colourfully illustrated books, containing 30 stories collected in The Gambia.These books will be distributed free of charge to every government funded lower basic and basic cycle school in The Gambia. The stories are written in English so that they meet the government requirements that children in school are taught in English. The books have now been printed and safely arrived in The Gambia as of early 2021, but due to coronavirus the team are postponing distribution until later in the year.