Professional, quick and efficient, though I think many creatives would struggle to pay for it. I really enjoyed the punchy narrative, fast turnaround and energised pro-active approach. I like that. If anything, she made a slight dither in me bite the bullet and go for it, and now we’re a few thousand ahead in our funding campaign because of it. So thank you Jo! Running the campaign myself was hugely labour-intensive, and draining at times. It does help generate success and create interest, and it will also help with funding applications. I don’t know if I would do ‘all or nothing’ again or if I would set the target much lower. But we do need these funds and more for the production. Theatre is a money pit, at times. But the honesty of the project clearly resonated. I found it incredibly moving to see so much support, and the final day was quite emotional. It felt like a HUGE achievement and a real journey and it has actually informed the future marketing and steer of the play.

Karen Bartholomew, Giving Up Marty